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Your Step-by-Time Guide to Property Sales

Although the market has been wildly in the sellers’ favor for the last couple of years, this doesn’t mean that selling has become any less stressful of a process. On the contrary, there’s a lot to take on, from upgrading before you list it to negotiating with buyers. 

These are the top things to be prepared for in the steps to selling your home.

Hire an Agent and Get a Presale Inspection

The moment you’re ready to sell your home, real out to a local real estate agent or realtor, and get a presale inspection. Doing this will ensure that you know how much your property should sell for, and having a professional on your side will give you a chance to put the right foot forward.

Upgrade Only What’s Necessary

You may feel tempted to update everything in the hopes of getting as much money as possible from a future buyer: but don’t fall into this trap. Instead, focus on a few smaller updates. This means a mini kitchen remodel since it brings back a higher return on investment than a full kitchen remodel and replacing an older roof and garage door before they can devalue your property.

Stage Your Home So That You Can Gain More

The average staged home sells for more money and sells faster than its non-staged counterparts. Although the market is hot for everyone, those shaved off a few days and higher prices can matter a lot, especially if you want to get out from under your home and move or help a relative move.  

Put Your Home on the Market

This is a moment to be excited about, but you’re only halfway there! Listen to your realtor, and price your home reasonably so that you won’t scare away buyers, but you’re also getting what your home is worth and then some. Read your listing over a few times to ensure it’s clear, and then list it as much as you can to gather the most interest possible.

Review and Negotiate Offers

If you’re in a major city: you may receive offers within 24 hours of listing your property. This is thrilling because it gives you the chance to hopefully start a bidding war and see who can bid the most. If someone tries to bid too low, you can negotiate with them or simply decline their offer.

Consider Closing Costs and Taxes

Use what tools you can, like a seller closing costs calculator, to tell how much you’ll have to pay at closing so that you don’t have to worry about any surprising fees or amounts of money that you didn’t expect. If anything confuses you, talk to your realtor or consider hiring a lawyer who can go over the paperwork with you. 

Selling a Home Isn’t Easy Just Because it’s a Sellers’ Market.

When you’re selling your home, you may be tempted to celebrate and feel like you’re done the moment you list it: but a lot is going on that you have to be prepared for. Keep this list in mind, and continue to learn through selling your home.

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