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Workplace Sexual Harassment in Austin, TX: Working with an Attorney to Fight Against Harassment


If you have been subjected to workplace sexual harassment, speaking up can be a tough thing to do. Workplace sexual harassment is unlawful; however, it can occur to men and women. Also, it can take a lot of forms like unwanted questions about sex, offensive comments, inappropriate touching sexually explicit jokes, or pressure and requests to have sex. These days, offenders may use their cell phones or computers for harassing their victims with photos, text messages, calls, and emails.  Because sexual harassment is a serious case, you want a sexual harassment lawyer Austin, TX to help you fight against it.

What is Sexual Harassment

Under the law, sexual harassment is prohibited and considered a type of sex discrimination that impacts the employment of a person, interferes with their job performance, and creates a hostile work environment.  While sexual harassment is often targeted to women, even men can also be subjected to this inappropriate conduct. The offender may be a supervisor, manager, co-worker, non-employee, or an employer’s agent. Those impacted by sexual harassment may be entitled to a claim. If you need an expert to stand up for your legal rights, contact an attorney who can deliver strong legal representation. 

Who Can Stop Workplace Sexual Harassment?

If you face workplace sexual harassment from a supervisor that leads to an adverse employment action like wrongful termination, demotion, and lost wages, you can hold your employer liable for your losses. If the conduct leads to a hostile work environment, your boss may avoid liability if they can prove they took reasonable action to correct and prevent the harassing behavior.

Moreover, employers can be held liable for harassment by other employees or non-employees they have control over like independent contractors and customers who are on their business premises. But you must prove your employer was aware of the harassing behavior but did not take action to correct it. Contact a lawyer to know more about the particulars of your case and who should take responsibility for it.

Important Things to Do 

If you are a victim of sexual harassment in your workplace, document the conduct including the date, time, and place it happens as well as those who witness it. Keep all emails, call logs, or text messages the offender sends to sexually harass you. Review the company’s procedures to know the available method for reporting sexual harassment. Then, contact an attorney to discuss your situation. As an employee, you deserve to work in a place where harassment of all sorts does not exist. 


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