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What to Check in an Apartment Walkthrough

If you are hunting for an apartment, whether you are looking to rent or for Kiama apartments for sale, you will see a number listed that sound like they meet your needs and fit into your budget. That is why one or more walkthroughs through the apartments themselves, as well as visiting at different times to look at the things like traffic, noise, the neighbourhood is so important. You can get a much better feel for them and looking in person you can see details that might not make it in listings! Here are a few things to consider when undertaking an apartment walkthrough.

Is there enough storage?

As well as looking at the storage the apartment itself offers, consider what extra storage you have access to if any. A lot of apartments have storage facilities, cages in the basement for example, or in the underground car park facility. If you have a lot of things or maybe you need somewhere to store your bike and such you can look for apartments that have this additional storage as an option. If the apartment is something you really love but does not have that storage are there local storage units you could rent?

Check the water

There are a few things you can check when it comes to the water. First of all, take a look at the water pressure, do you share hot water? Then look at whether you have a water shut-off valve in the apartment that you can easily access so you can at least turn off your water if there is a problem. Also when looking at an apartment for sale Kiama, look for water damage signs. Ask about whether it has been repaired and whether the damage is going to be repaired.

Does the building need a lot of repairs?

As a building ages it needs more work and you want to find Kiama apartments for sale that are in good condition and are well maintained. If you see signs of repairs needed ask when they are going to be handled. Loose hand railing, lifted floor tiles and so on. You are going to want somewhere better looked after so that your costs are managed. When you live in an apartment the cost of maintenance and such of the general building is something all of you share.

Is there plenty of parking?

Regardless of whether you are looking for a smaller apartment for sale, Kiama or something larger you need to think about parking. Parking is a hot topic among people living in apartments! If you are using public transportation it is less of one, but still, guests need somewhere to park when they come over. If you have one car then you need one spot, but again something for guests. Having more than one vehicle living in an apartment can be harder to manage unless you plan ahead for it. Focus on places that have decent and safe parking to walk to and where guest spots are not all used up by 2nd vehicles!

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