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What Are The Types of Embroidery Digitizing?

Embroidery digitizing is basically the advancement of today’s world. As the world is progressing day by day so everything which was once woven, crafted and made by hand is now converted into a digitized world which means that now embroidery can also be done by using digital machines. It can be done by simply inserting an image into the embroidery machine just like a printer but in the case of embroidery digitizing there are certain requirements as this machine is different from a printer so it cannot be handled easily without following its step-by-step procedures in order to form the required embroidery. Embroidery digitizing is related to stitches only. Following are the types of embroidery digitizing which served the purpose of embroidery digitizing services.

1. Flat Embroidery Digitizing

In flat embroidery digitizing, to create a unique flat design it includes the stitching on the fabric backing. This method will definitely not limit the design and images of embroidery, but it makes it more unique. Generally, for a very unique and effective design selection, the flat digitizing technique is better. It brings the special feel of neatness and clarity which is amazing. It is not necessary that designs produced could be glittery and shiny. All disruptions are removed when you applied the flat embroidery digitizing on designs. This type is termed a common type of embroidery digitizing.

2. Applique Digitizing

In applique digitizing, many methods can be applied. One is deducing the number of stitches by gradually inserting the additional fabric pieces with the color of your own wish or by sewing it with some sort of guideline. In applique digitizing, designs are usually created by stitching or attaching the knitted pieces into the larger parts to produce a unique pattern or design. This embroidery digitizing is mainly preferred as decoration on badges or on clothing. In short, this word applique comes from French terms and it is mainly used to reduce the count of stitch and to cut from one piece of cloth and paste it to another to give it a proper look.

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3. 3D Puff Embroidery

In 3D puff embroidery digitizing, the area of the design is lifted by just inserting a foam beneath that embroidery stitching in order to give that design a 3D look. This embroidery digitizing is mostly applied to simple and less sophisticated designs. It is mostly made on baseball-style caps. Hence, it is also considered to be costly and time taking.

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4.  Chenille Digitizing

In chenille embroidery digitizing, shapes are filled properly. It is considered to be less difficult than normal embroidery. In this embroidery digitizing, two types of stitches are there namely: chain and moss. It is actually a merger of two basic full designs namely: square and coil, single or double. It is mostly used in blenders with complex fill to digitize objects. Chenille embroidery is also trendy these days. This type of embroidery is also made in applique digitizing and athletic applications consisted of heavy loops of thread.

5. Letter Embroidery

Whenever letter embroidery is discussed then the size of the letter becomes a major concern. Digitizing on small letters is so far a difficult task for embroidery digitizers. Letters are basically produced by the width of the column stitches if in case it is not of much value then height matters here. In such embroidery digitizing, satin stitch can’t be produced. In letter embroidery, many things have to be kept in mind such as selecting the right underlay, understanding the pull compensation and adjusting the proper density along with avoiding the small and fancy letters to be embroidered by an embroidery digitizer.

6. Cording/Taping Digitizing

In cording or taping embroidery digitizing, original convex designs are produced to make the 3D effect. This type of embroidery digitizing is suggested for children’s things and furnishing of households. In this, ribbons and beads can also be utilized for decorative items such as pearls. It is advised to restrain from extra stitches on the bottom area of the garments. You can visit this fotolognews to get the latest news and also find out the world update breaking news of all time on mikandi.

7. Chain Stitch Embroidery

Chain stitch embroidery is normally used for those designs that consist of loops and stitches to create chain-like patterns. This embroidery digitizing is way more complicated and challenging than other types of embroidery digitizing and such design necessarily does not turn out to be so perfect as it consumes a lot of thread. But in the perspective of digitizing, chain stitch embroidery figures out to make a thick textured line and guarantee that chain patterns are actually unique in the images and designs.

8. Logo Digitization

For logo digitization, you have to digitize your logo in a process that the digitizer machine can understand without any ambiguity. It actually implies inserting JPG or PNG files of a specified company logo and then transferring it into an embroidery file. For logo digitization, a few steps need to be followed in which you select the stitch design, type, direction and colors and many more to accomplish such type of embroidery digitizing.

9.Free Standing Lace Embroidery

In free-standing lace embroidery, beautiful and airy type patterns can be made which can be further utilized in a variety of items like jewellery and covers. In this type of embroidery digitizer, the digitizer machine basically created the perfect designs in the shape of laces in the water-soluble stabilizer. The moment you made the design, you can clear the stabilizer to leave any mark.

10. Sequin Digitizing

In sequin digitizing, machines are had to be well designed along with a sequin dispenser. As soon as the dispenser left the drops in the fabric then after that device gets back to stitch. Sequin embroidery basically consists of the following things namely: some plastic disks, material, a textured area & a glorious shine in a variety of situations. This type of embroidery digitizing will definitely produce the best and perfect outcomes. If anything, wrong is made during the digitizing such as improper sequin structure will obviously produce bad effects on the covering stitches. Such embroidery digitizing services are being served in sequin digitizing.

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