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Ways to get a smooth silhouette

Whether you want to dress your best for work, formal events, casual parties, or any event, you need to choose the right shapewear to create a smooth silhouette to make your dress look beautiful and flattering.

The reason why some dresses look appealing on a mannequin is because of its flat and smooth surface, but not all women have that flawless figure. Hence, you can perfect your silhouette with shapewear. Even if you are a plus size, you can opt for a plus size waist trainer to create a smooth foundation so that your clothes fall in the right places and enhance your curves.

Now which shapewear suits you depends on several factors such as your troubled areas and the event for which you are going to dress. Here are ways to create a smooth silhouette with the help of shapewear.

All in one body shapers

Bodysuits are the best shapewear to create a level silhouette from top to bottom. They cover all the troubled parts right from flattening the tummy, abdomen, waist to buttocks. They smooth the midsection, enhance your bust and control the hips. Slips are also all-in-one shapewear that offers uniform coverage and smooth all parts of your body.

They are highly recommended for gowns and body-fit dresses. They can also be worn under suits, pants, and skirts. Some options for all-in-one body shapers include overbust, underbust, slips, and different straps.

Depending on the compression level, these garments may restrict your movement and hence may not be recommended for workouts. But if you want a smooth silhouette while working out, waist trainers are highly recommended for you.

Waist trainers

Waist trainers are an ideal shapewear option to create a smooth silhouette. They drastically reduce several inches from your waistline, wipe out muffin top and help you get an ideal hourglass figure.

Plus size waist trainer: Even if you are on the plus side, you can choose a plus size waist trainer to slim and smooth your waist and get a smooth silhouette. They are recommended for casual, professional, or special occasion dresses.

Waist trainer vest: If you need coverage for your back and support for your bust along with smoothing benefits, then a waist trainer vest is an ideal option for you. It also makes amazing workout attire that helps you move freely.

Panty shapers

You will obviously not go out without wearing a panty; hence, wearing a panty shaper doubles the benefits. It shapes your tummy and abdomen and eliminates muffin top. They are recommended for daily wear to create a smooth foundation for all dresses. You can choose from the different options present, such as high-waist control panties, thong back panties, butt lifter panties, and more.

Thigh slimmers

If you want to smooth and control your hips and thighs while flattening your belly and cinching your waistline, you can go for a thigh slimmer. It offers great comfort and similar results as a bodysuit. You can wear it with professional, casual, and dressy attire.

You have to find the best shapewear for you between these options to create a smooth silhouette for any dress.