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When a tech startup like Andreessen Horowitz or Future Panzarino is listed on Techcrunch, Us Dept. Agriculture Solarwinds it’s a sign that the next big thing is about to happen, and that it’s time to buy a share. But how to go about buying a share?

‘Rational optimism’ vs ‘collective cynicism’

Optimism is the belief that things are generally good. However, optimism has different degrees. There are presentist, futurist and weak forms of optimism. In the first, a person believes that goodness is already present and will prevail in the future. On the other hand, there are futurists who believe that the future will be a better place than the present.

Optimism and cynicism can be combined in many ways. However, they share a few common characteristics. They both involve hope and trust. Cynicism also involves suspicion of others. When combined, they can be dangerous. It is important to realize the difference between cynicism and optimism.

The idea of unsustainable continuous improvement is often taken to undermine techno-optimism. But it is not the only way to think about technology. Technology is a set of tools that humans use to solve problems. As such, it has a cultural significance.

Optimists have positive beliefs about life, but they must also take action. If you are uncertain about what the future holds, you should be cautious. Research can help you minimize the likelihood of future regret.

Cynicism is an unhealthy psychological state. Regardless of whether you are a presentist or a futurist, it is a good idea to have a healthy skepticism. Besides, it is very possible that the world will not improve in the way you expect.

‘A good source of information for tech journalists’

If you’re a technology journalist looking for a good source of information to use in your next story, there are a couple of sites you should check out. One is a social media network and the other is a database that will give you the most accurate tech news based on your preferences.

The social media network is useful for finding expert sources. Many experts have Facebook accounts. They are willing to let their friends and colleagues know they are available for a quote or two. You can also read their blogs. This will give you a great idea of their stance on a topic.

There is also a database of over a million media contacts to choose from. These contacts can be searched by location, keyword, and job title. A subscription-based model is available with varying rates. It’s a service that many journalists swear by.

However, the most important feature of this site is its ability to allow journalists to post a query and receive responses from a variety of sources. For example, a journalist could use this feature to find a list of the best universities for a given degree. Moreover, they could post an interview request and get a response within minutes.


In addition, there are a few nifty features that can be used to enhance your media reporting. For instance, there is a videoconferencing tool that allows you to conduct an interview from any location, even while on the move.