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Top 9 iOS 15 Features That Will Improve Your iPhone Experience


iPhones are top-notch devices with thousands of features. These gadgets let you do everything from some simple activities to your work tasks. With your iPhone, you can sign up and take betting bonus in India with 20Bet, watch videos on the go, and chat with friends. Thanks to iOS 15, everything becomes even easier, and all this due to the following features.

Dragging and Dropping a Photo

Perhaps one of the most impressive features in the new iOS 15. You can now move a photo from your browser to another app. Here’s how it works: hold your finger on the photo, use your other finger to go back to the home screen, open the app you want, and drag the photo into it. This way you can easily send photos from the browser to social networks.


You can now start watching a show or listening to music together during a FaceTime call. In my opinion, this is a very romantic feature: I somehow feel that it will become popular with couples who are in different cities and want to spend some time together watching their favorite movie. FaceTime has been updated quite a bit: it now features a portrait mode and a “grid” mode for video calls, in which the icons of all participants are the same size and the speaker is highlighted by a frame. And now you can show information from your screen during the call.

New “Memories” Design

iOS can make collections of your photos, group them into an album and play them to music. But this has worked before, and now there is an opportunity for more fine-tuning: now you can use tracks from Apple Music for slideshows and choose the design yourself.

Changing the Safari Home Page and Extensions

With the new system, you can fine-tune all the information on your browser’s homepage. You can just leave the tab bar, or you can include all the panels. You can also install and manage extensions on your iPhone browser just like you can on your Mac.

Widgets on the Home Screen

If you switched to iOS from Android, you may have missed the classic widgets on your homescreens. Apple gradually added this functionality. For starters, widgets appeared on the information screen on the right, and in iOS 15 you can add them to the home screens as well.

Online Text and Translation

You can now take a picture of a sign with text or take a screenshot of the page, translate it immediately and copy the translation. The feature looks very impressive, but it has a limitation: it only works on devices with A12 chips and later. By default, the function is off, you can turn it on in the language and region settings. After that, open the camera and point it at the text – a special frame appears. By clicking on it, you can select the text or translate it. The latter option will definitely come in handy when traveling in other countries.

With the new iOS 15 your iPhone will become smarter and even be able to work as a translator while traveling.

Focus Mode

In iOS 15, the Do Not Disturb mode has been redesigned, it’s now called Focus Mode and includes more features. While previously you could only set it to automatically turn on silent mode and add a separate list of people who can call through it, there are now more options available. There are two tabs: “Work” and “Personal”, where you can configure applications, contacts, etc. in detail. For example, the “Personal” tab is perfect for those who want to spend time with their loved ones in the evenings and at weekends and not be disturbed by work notifications. Work”, on the other hand, allows you to activate only the necessary applications and not to be distracted by anything else.

Privacy in Apps and Browser

In iOS 15, apps can no longer anonymously track your actions to then use them for advertising purposes. Every app now asks for permission to track, and there’s nothing stopping you from denying it.

Updated Weather App

There are several new dimensions to the Weather app. For example, you can now see a weather map and information about the likelihood of precipitation. The program itself has changed slightly visually, the interface has become larger and more beautiful.

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