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The best career for settling abroad for Indians

Millions of people in the world each year decide to leave their homeland and move to other countries. The reasons for migration are education abroad (mainly in developed countries – Europe, USA), job offers or job search, and family reunification. It sounds interesting to work abroad for foreigners. So, Layboard will give you the essential information about getting a job abroad.

Jobs for Indians in the UAE

The UAE is one of the most popular countries to work for foreigners. Over 75% of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) workforce comprises labor migrants worldwide. Furthermore, to diversify the economy and reduce dependence on traditional industries such as oil and gas, the local authorities are adopting essential amendments to legislation and developing new areas, particularly the financial and banking sector. In addition, the real estate market and construction are growing. All this contributes to the inflow of qualified foreign specialists. As a result, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are considered prevalent regions for employment in the UAE.

Work in the UAE for foreigners is primarily in the field of tourism, hotel and restaurant business, construction, logistics, education, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and service sector. In recent years, medical professions have been considered to be in short supply in the UAE. Salaries depend on qualifications, experience, language skills, company, and even the foreigner’s citizenship. In many positions, you can earn more in the Emirates than in the most developed countries of Western Europe.

Many large companies, including foreign ones, operate in the UAE. Very often, jobs for foreign specialists are offered by such corporations as Ericsson, Marriott, DHL, Microsoft Gulf and FedEx Express.

There is no official minimum wage in the Emirates. The average salary depends on the region, industry, qualifications and experience of the employee.

Salary variation in the Emirates largely depends on the profession. Unskilled labor is paid relatively low, and job competition is very high. Vacancies in the UAE for foreigners are traditionally available in the fields of tourism, construction and medicine. In addition, specialists in logistics, real estate sales, and the oil and gas industry are often required.

For women, there are jobs in the UAE as waitresses, hotel administrators, hostels, secretaries, seamstresses, and nannies. Men can work as engineers, builders, and programmers.

Jobs for Indians in Germany

The largest foreign community in Berlin is Indian. The reasons are simple: good education and jobs. In Germany, meanwhile, Indians are welcome.

Indian nationals are welcome in Berlin for several reasons. That is why Indians are increasingly choosing Berlin to live in. It is worth noting that it is Indians who have become one of the largest immigrant groups in Berlin. The economy is happy, and hopes that the shortage of skilled workers will end. But Indian citizens have to deal with everyday problems.

Most skilled workers now work in information technology, banking, and finance. Data from the Federal Employment Agency from September 2021 confirm this estimate.

The needs of the German labor market for programmers and other IT specialists have not been met for a couple of decades. One in ten of all vacancies in Germany is for software developers. On average, vacant positions remain open for 167 days – almost six months.

Because of the acute staff shortage, even university graduates can find jobs in Germany. But the seniors are more likely to get a work contract quickly.

Experts in programming with knowledge of:

  • Modern JavaScript frameworks;
  • Java and related development technologies;
  • SQL and databases;
  • C and C++;
  • Python and principles of working with large amounts of unstructured information.

But those who know other languages, such as Ruby, Kotlin, and PHP, will not be left without offers. Companies often agree to retrain new employees if they have proved the idea’s prospects at the acquaintance stage.

Therefore, besides professional skills for IT employees, you need to prepare a high-quality resume and know a foreign language to pass the interview. In programming, it is often necessary to be fluent in English. For other positions without German, it is harder to find options.

Therefore, besides professional skills for IT workers, you need to prepare a high-quality resume and know a foreign language to pass the interview. In programming, fluent English is often the first requirement. For other positions without German, it is harder to find options. Getting a job in Germany without knowledge of foreign languages is not realistic.

It is better to look for jobs on Google with a link to the city and with the addition of your skills. For example, m√ľnchen entwickler java. For example, the keywords for the programmer position are:

  • Software Entwickler.
  • Software Ingenieur.

Regardless of the knowledge of programming languages, remember: people are in demand. Suppose a person can program to retrain – a matter of time. Naturally, firms prefer to take workers who are ready to get to work right away. But it is the price/quality ratio that decides everything. So, for example, the German labor market giant SAP often hires mathematicians and physicists, then trains them in its system of courses.

Potential immigrants may ask: What salary to ask a programmer at the interview? In the German tradition, they do not write anything about the pay in the job description. A foreigner can quickly get into trouble by asking for an inadequate amount because he has yet to learn about German reality. There is no simple recipe. You have to compare the average salaries of specialists with similar qualifications.

Comments on specialties in the context of immigration and job search in Germany:

  • Consultants are IT professionals in Germany who help to start and develop projects, implement programs, and conduct optimization. The most important skill is communication with clients. Therefore, it is easier for a foreigner with a knowledge of German to apply for consultancy immediately.
  • Programmers-coders are the most desirable field for a foreigner. The important thing here is pure programming skills, and the level of German and education could be more critical.
  • Not a hopeless niche for foreigners – testers. Especially when it comes to automation, if a person knows how to automate, he is practically a programmer. This is why intelligent people only stay short in this field and move up the ranks.

Jobs for Indians in the USA

According to Indian students, Europe is an excellent place to get a job and an education. By the way, much cheaper than in the United States or Canada. The advantage, they say, with a student visa is time to find a job after graduation. With a work visa, it is more complex – you need to find a reliable career as soon as possible.

The most popular occupations in the U.S. labor market are trade, service, restaurant business, and odd jobs. This is due to low wages, high turnover, and the opportunity to find a job without language knowledge. Typically, when moving, foreigners start with such positions to adapt to the local labor market and then look for a permanent job. Wages in these sectors differ from state to state (USD per year):

  • car wash worker, handyman, loader, courier – from 18,000;
  • waiter, cook, maid – from 20 000;
  • Sales clerk, cashier – from 23 000.

For applicants with time and money, you can consider other U.S. jobs requiring proof of skills and education. Then, after passing the exams and obtaining a certificate and other documents necessary for employment, such specialists can easily find a job:

  • Truck drivers with local driving and hauling licenses, with annual salaries ranging from $30,000 to $90,000.
  • Nurses can look after a patient at home or get a more prestigious job in a U.S. clinic with the opportunity to upgrade their skills and earn from 20,000 to 73,000 USD per year.
  • Caregivers and nannies with pedagogical education – these specialists are mainly recruited through recruiting agencies.

According to the US Department of Labor, the highest-paying professions are anesthesiologists, surgeons, and doctors, with salaries of up to $245,000 annually. Medical specialists must prove their diplomas in the state where they will be working. They are followed by architects, lawyers, and financiers with a yearly salary of 132,000-175,000 USD. However, migrants, even with extensive experience and portfolio, find it difficult to get a job in this field – in the U.S., many local professionals. Programmers earn from 60,000 to 130,000 USD annually, depending on professional experience. Usually, IT industry workers from India find a job in the U.S. before they go there at the company’s invitation celebrities net worth.

To sum up, there are vacancies for foreigners in almost all sectors of the economy of the United Arab Emirates, the USA and Europe. You have to be well-prepared and dont stop looking for your dream job!