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The Best Bars and Breweries in Milwaukee

Spend one night in Milwaukee and you’ll understand how the Brew City gained its nickname. The wide array of drinking establishments is a staple for residents of the city and a large part of the pull as to why hopeful newcomers are looking at Milwaukee houses for sale in the first place. Having a wide range of watering holes, from cozy dive bars to high end cocktail bars, is what the local tourism industry is built upon.

Those coming to Wisconsin, either to move or just pass through, can easily feel a little intimidated by the plethora of offers for nightlife in Milwaukee so here’s a short list of the best to make sure you have a perfect night out.

Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge

If a night out for you means a comfortable lounge and sampling the house specials, here’s where you’ll want to try. Brant’s is known for their wide menu so make sure to have more than just the beers on offer. In terms of cocktails, to no surprise they’ll be able to serve you up anything you’d like and they’ll also be happy to serve you any of the drinks invented right in the building.

Trinity Three Irish Pubs

If the stress of having to choose a bar is getting in the way of your night out, by heading to Trinity Three you can decide on what kind of night you are interested in once you get there. As the name implies, there’s three different bars all here each offering a different type of night out. Those looking to enjoy their beer in the classic pub setting will be right at home and if they decide live music is what they are craving, they won’t even have to leave the building. 

Koz’s Mini Bowl

At first, Koz’s main pull might seem like their perfected drive-bar charm but there’s another gem that’ll have you coming back time and time again. As the name implies, there’s also a little bowling to perfectly pair with your favorite drink. The lanes are small so if you are heading there on a weekend, make sure you’ve reserved your spot.

Best Place

It’s a tall order to live up to a name like that but when it’s located at the Pabst Brewery there’s no issue on delivering the quality that comes along with a city favorite. If a history lesson sounds like the perfect pairing to your PBR, you’ll fit right in here. During its peak, the late 1800s to the early 1900s, this was one of the largest breweries throughout the United States and that rich history is very much still alive and rightly celebrated today. 

Vennture Brew Co.

Plenty of us love our morning coffee as much as our evening beer so why not be in good company that cares about both as much as you do? At Vennture, they are brewing both their coffee and their beer on site so this is the perfect place no matter what kind of drink you fancy. This also makes a great option for a group setting so everyone has more means to have their drink of choice while your group is enjoying any of the board games they have around.