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Sweet Bonanza Candyland: Plays, Bonus Features & Jackpots

Live online casino games have become a popular choice for slot lovers. One of the biggest games in the market right now is Sweet Bonanza CandyLand live.

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand live is a unique and exciting video slot game that combines the excitement of live gaming with the thrill of traditional slot play. With its fun and colorful candy-themed design, exciting gameplay, and bonus games that lead to bigger rewards, Sweet Bonanza CandyLand live is sure to be a hit with players of all levels. Continue reading the article below to learn more about this live online casino slot game, including bonus games that can increase your cash payout.

How To Play Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Live

  • To play Sweet Bonanza Candyland, you need to find a live casino that has Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Live
  • Place a wager on the number you believe the arrow will land on to start the game. Betting on one, two, five, or ten pays out multipliers of the same value, respectively.
  • If the line lands on the number you choose, you win! Your prize is determined by the amount you wagered.
  • Additionally, you may trigger a bonus game which can lead to even larger prizes.
  • The jackpot for Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Live is one thousand times higher than the winning prize.

Bonus Games

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Live has three bonus games:

Sugar Bomb: If the arrow lands on Sugar Bomb, a random number generator of 2x to 10x is added to all bets, leading to a boosted payout and a bonus respin. You can also choose to pay twenty-five percent  extra with the Sugar Bomb Booster.

Candy Drop: This random number generator  bonus game lets you select one of 3 candies. The candy is then placed into a maze. Each row has numbers and multipliers applied to your total if the candy falls through them.

Sweet Spins: Activating the Sweet Spins pocket launches a 6×5 video slot with free spins, using the same setup as the popular Sweet Bonanza slot by Pragmatic Play. In the live game, you start with 10 free spins and earn an extra 5 by landing three Lollipops. To create a winning combination, land at least 8 matching symbols. This triggers the Tumble feature, replacing winning icons with new ones as long as you keep forming winning combinations. The Sugar Bomb symbol can also be landed, adding a multiplier of 2x to 100x to your wins.

What is the Jackpot of Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Live

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand is a unique and entertaining video slot game that offers players an exciting gaming experience. Its combination of live gaming and traditional slot play, combined with the three bonus games and multiple betting options, make it a fun and thrilling game to play. The candy-themed design and fun visuals add to the overall appeal, making it a great choice for players who are interested in an and exciting gaming experience. Sweet Bonanza CandyLand live is sure to provide hours of fun and the chance to earn big rewards.