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Stress Symptoms, Signs, and Causes


Stress is the body’s way of telling you that I’m not ok and you aren’t treating me well. Fight and flight is the response of the body in which whenever your body senses danger, it releases specific hormones. These hormones work together to save the person. In short, they help in saving the person from an emergency.

Keep this in mind everyone gets stressed out. It’s normal to be stressed on some occasions. However, if the frequency of stress keeps increasing and it starts hindering your daily life, that’s the time to decide. Then you should get serious about solving this issue.

Before you go any further, it is very important for you to understand that sometimes people have vitamin deficiencies which can cause stress. One of these very important vitamins include vitamin B12. Knowing your daily recommended vitamin B12 intake dosage is crucial. You can typically get your doctor to prescribe you the correct dosage. Taking the right vitamins in the correct dosage can significantly help relieve stress.

· Effects of stress:

There are numerous signs when a person is stressed out. It’s important not to ignore those signs. Your body believes what you say to them. If you are stressed out after a fight with your best friend, your body will feel lethargic. You will not feel good physically or mentally. Your body will start getting weaker. You might lose appetite and weight and suffer from sleeping disorders. Memory issues are a common occurrence in this condition.

· Signs & Symptoms

Stress can easily eat you up from inside. The worst part about it is that you might not even notice because of a lack of awareness. Keep reading to learn about the signs and symptoms.

  • Body: faces severe pain, cramps, nauseous
  • Cognitive: negative outlook, disinterest, lack of motivation
  • Emotions: moody, depressed, and many other mental disorders
  • Behavior: cutting off everyone, unhealthy drinking habits, nervous

· Causes of stress

Stress is of different types. Your mind might generate it because of a negative, pessimistic, and bad outlook. Stress can also be due to outside events. Those events, circumstances and scenarios that cause too much stress are known as stressors. It’s best to know the stressors. After that, you can plan how to remove stressors from your life. Stress-induced by inside: pessimism, depression, narcissism, lack of flexibility. Stress-induced by outside: new events, meetings, a marriage ceremony, and relationships.

· Find what’s stressing you

We can’t always blame the workplace for being the source of stress. It can be a hidden cause stressing you, such as retiring. People usually spend too much time worrying about the future to forget how to enjoy the present. Maybe you are stressed about losing a loved one, finances are putting you in a tough spot, or maybe you are not ready for a new relationship. Ask yourself what’s the main reason for your stress.

· Know your threshold

Always try to see rationally. Observe how stress is affecting your personal, private and individual life. Know your limit, don’t overdo it, or else you might face severe mental issues. Plan smartly about ways you can implement in solving this problem.

Final Thoughts

Don’t stress out about not getting better immediately. It’s a slow process; it depends upon various things. Keep making progress you will surely see positive results. Talk with people who can help you in your self your improvement journey. Start doing meditation, exercise and eat healthy daily.


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