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Russia Banned from UEFA Women’s Euro and Next Season’s Champions League


Russia’s women’s national football team was barred by UEFA from joining the Women’s European Championship that is set in July. The European football governing body stated on Monday that they will also forbid the Russian team to join the qualifiers for the World Cup next year due to the country’s role in the invasion of Ukraine.

Latest sports sanctions against Russia

The Russian team will be replaced by Portugal in the upcoming tournament in England which was set from July 6 to 31, considering that the latter was lost to the former back in the qualifying playoffs. Portugal will participate in Group C along with Sweden, Netherlands and Switzerland in live football games right now.

Aside from the aforementioned sanctions, UEFA also rejected the bid of Russia to be the host nation for the 2028 and 2032 seasons of the Euros. This would also mean that the bidding would be open for Ireland and Britain’s joint bid to be the hosts of Euro 2028. Meanwhile, Turkey revealed that the country is also interested in hosting the 2032 edition of the Euro.

According to UEFA, the bid of Russia was rendered unsuitable because of its violation of the regulations set by the governing body. The regulations clearly declared that “each respective bidder shall guarantee that it doesn’t take action in any fashion that would cause the governing body, the final matches, any other bidders, the bidding process or the European football industry into disgrace.”

Moreover, the sanctions have prompted the Russian teams to not participate in the Europa League, UEFA’s Champions League and Europa Conference League next season at the behest of the governing body.

In the group stage of the 2022-23 Champions League, the champions of the Scottish Premiership will be a replacement for the Russian winners Zenit St Petersburg which also has an effect on soi keo cambongda.

Assuring a smooth transition

According to the statement of the UEFA, their executive committee will preside over the decisions regarding the sanctions to guarantee that the transitions will be smooth and the parties involved will expect a manageable and secured setting for all.

The declaration also stated that Russia will be prohibited to join the Nations League which is set in June, and the team will be automatically demoted from their second-tier division.

UEFA and the international soccer authority FIFA barred all Russian clubs and national teams from all of their tournaments until further instruction following the country’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow initially refers to as a special military exercise.

Consequences of the Russia ban

As a consequence of the sanctions, German team RB Leipzig proceeded to the quarter-finals of this season’s Europa League at the cost of Russian team Spartak Moscow following the suspension of their Round of 16 match.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) rejected the appeal of Russia’s football association (FUR) to stop FIFA’s decision in March. As a result, Russia will no longer participate in the 2022 season of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar following the withdrawal of its request. These changes will also have an effect as many are betting online.

Prior to the official ban of Russia from the international competitions, several nations made an announcement that they refused to play against Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Among them were Sweden, Poland and Czech Republic whose joint appeal led to the sanction of the UEFA and FIFA against Russia.


The expulsion of the Russian women’s soccer team from the Women’s European Championship and the 2023 Women’s World Cup are recent sporting sanctions against Russia.

The sanctions were caused by the appeal of several European countries who refused to participate in a match against Russia. The sanctions were one of the repercussions of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government.


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