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Questions To Ask Before Getting A Canine Home

You might know in your heart that you want to bring a little pupper home, but are you fully prepared for it?

Adopt a puppy only if you are willing to take full responsibility and provide it with all it needs to live a happy and healthy life. Elaborate research about different dog breeds and their physical and mental needs can help you figure out what you might be ready for.

At the same time, consider your personal circumstances, finances, and the time you can dedicate to your canine pet daily to make adoption the first step to a fulfilling journey for both of you. Consider searching online for popular pet insurance policies, request a dog insurance quote and then compare the prices to know if you can afford.

While contemplating purchasing a policy, read this article to learn critical things you must consider before inviting that furry mate home.

Should I get a Dog?

1. Financial Considerations

The most common pet owner’s mistake is budgeting. Always budget probable expenses and vet expenses before you consider adopting a dog.

2. Time Considerations

Here is a quick furry fact for you, If you don’t exercise your pup for 30 minutes twice a day it is definite that he will grow aggressive and agile. So do you have that kinda time? Are you ready to go to the park everyday instead of Flix and chill?

3. Space Considerations

  • Apartment/bungalow (Rules and Regulations)
  • Neighbors
  • Parks Nearby
  • Veterinarian, Dentists nearby

4. Emotional Considerations

Dogs are very emotional,They can die of separation anxiety. Behavioral issues and not infectious diseases are the no 1 cause for death in pets. So if you are thinking you can treat him like a toy and only play when you are interested then leave the thought of getting a pet! People abandoning dogs in the jungles and streets are often seen, don’t be one of them.

5. Should I Get A Dog If I Work All Day?

If you are asking that question let me tell you things are not that black and white. It all boils down to how much do you love your furry friend?

If you love them you will be smart in taking their care

  • Planning with your family about feeding them
  • Using applications like rover or dogsync to keep your furry friend happy
  • Getting up early to play with him

6. What Are The Responsibilities Of Owning A Dog

  • Register your dog.
  • Get the required documents and papers of legality.
  • Make your house dog-friendly.
  • Let the dog adapt to your home.
  • Select a veterinarian.
  • Feed the dog with high nutritional food.
  • Provide for fresh and clean drinking water.
  • House Train the dog.
  • Let go when it’s time.

7. What Dog Should I Get?

This will depend upon the size suitable for you, your living climatic condition, dog’s physical requirements, etc.

  • If you live in an apartment – compact size dog – Beagle or the Chihuahua
  • Cold environment – Siberian husky.
  • High trainability then you can think of owning the Border collie who is considered the smartest dog breed in the world, German shepherd, Labrador.

8. I Am Nervous As This Is My First Dog:

Getting your first dog can make you excited as well as nervous.The following are some odd things you will experience after getting your first dog.

  • Get ready for a lot of cleaning, dogs shed.
  • Your dog’s barking noise will annoy you in the start. Get used to it.
  • Many guests /strangers will keep themselves away from your house.

Also, certain breeds are not advisable for first-time dog owners.

E.g.: Siberian husky, Border collie.

9. I Got My Pet, What Now?

So here you are, at your happy stage. You have already got your bundle of joy home. You Must dog proof your house at least a week before you get him to his new home,

Your daily routine should include:

  • Getting Up Early and Taking Him For a walk in the park
  • Scheduling his meals.
  • Filling his water bowl.
  • Coming back from work and spending time with him.
  • Taking him for his second walk of the day after his dinner.

Your Weekly Activities Would Include:

  • Booking Vaccination in his growing years.
  • Checking his body for odor, nails, hair growth and keeping him groomed whenever necessary.
  • Taking him to meet his friends to a park which he doesn’t go to that often to make sure that he is exposed to all kinds of breeds and age groups.
  • Cleaning his crate, clothes, sheet, blanket, bowls, etc.

Your Monthly Activities Would Include:

  • Visiting the vet at least a month
  • Going to the dentist for a clean up
  • Buying Essentials like Dog Food, Toys, And Other essentials Bitsandboxes.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Do not add bedding to their crate during the housetraining period, instead buy a crate which comes with a tray so that you can easily clean them.
  2. After 6 weeks you can keep a towel which you can afford to get dirty and then in the long run you can get bedding.
  3. Dog Shampoo, don’t fall prey to marketing tricks, chemicals not good in the long run, homemade dog shampoo is advisable.

Ask yourself these questions and also consider the puppy’s temperament before adopting. Personality mismatches can lead to many troubles in the future, which is why you must select a puppy that suits your activity level and lifestyle. Don’t ignore the importance of having dog insurance, either.

Request a pet insurance quote from various insurers and check if you can afford to provide it with basic health care in the least during distressing health situations and medical emergencies. Remember that every fur baby deserves to be cared for during health and sickness, so consider being prepared early lifeline hospital.