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Is it Ok to Allow My Pet Pup to Swim in Cold Water?


Irrespective of the season, if the water is cold, then it is best your young fur baby is kept away from the swimming hole. During the winter and other cold days swimming outdoors (like lakes or rivers) can seem like wading in an ice river. It is precisely why you must be conscious of the water temperature before taking your furry pet out for a swimming expedition.

Check the weather alerts for cold winds, rains, extreme weather, etc., before heading out with your fur companion for a swim, walk in a park, or a hike near a water body. Also, be prepared with puppy insurance so your four paws can get timely medical help in times of health emergencies with a little financial burden during the outing.

The best pup insurance can cover your fur baby’s medical care during accidents, allergies, injuries, sickness, dental issues, and more. A medical financial backup is essential in times of unanticipated health conditions as vet bills can quickly run up to thousands of dollars before you even realize it. So, consider purchasing pet insurance to manage your furry baby’s health expenses effectively.

In the meantime, read answers to some common questions about pets, water, and swimming, so you know when it is ok to take your pup out for a water activity.

Is water temperature a matter of concern?

In simple words, if the water is too cold for humans, possibly it can be the same for fur babies. All you need to do is test the waters by putting your feet inside the water, standing in the waterbody, or wading in it to decide if your puppy can join you.

While water temperature plays a significant role, you can’t ignore the swimming duration either when deciding whether or not to permit your furry baby to swim. For instance, one dip or a quick splash is less likely to hamper a pup’s health when you take preventive care like bathing (preferably with warm water) and drying your pet after a swim, unless it is already sick.

In contrast, swimming for an extended period in cold water can cause “Hypothermia”. The presence of other environmental factors on a cold day like high tides, chilly winds, humidity, and showers can aggravate the symptoms of a wet pup.

What are the dangers of Hypothermia for fur babies?

The risks of hypothermia in pets can be as grave as risks associated with “Heatstroke”. The typical sign of hypothermia is that the puppy may experience unusually low body temperature. And the condition can be classified into three categories – mild, moderate, and chronic.

If you suspect the puppy is dealing with this medical condition, call your vet asap to learn the following steps. They may advise you to check your puppy’s temperature with the help of a thermometer. Once you follow up with your vet about the temperature, they can guide you on further treatment or ask you to bring your furry pet to the vet’s clinic for medical assistance if it is an emergency.

It is best to visit the vet because you never know when hypothermia transforms into a fatal condition.

Are all dog breeds sensitive to cold water?

Short coated pups, small-sized dogs, young puppies, geriatric fur babies, dogs with heart/chronic medical conditions, etc., are hypersensitive to cold weather and water. Check if your pup belongs to any of the classes before asking them to accompany you to the local swimmer’s paradise. An indoor pool or bathtub with warm water can suit such dogs better if they crave a swim.

Even while some pups are born to swim or were bred to survive cold weather, still, their general health has a huge role to play before they are permitted to swim. A puppy with severe health issues must not swim in cold water.

Puppy insurance can help support a furry pet with quality health care at affordable costs. However, having the best pup insurance is no reason to push a pup to swim in ice-cold water during unfavorable weather. Puppy owners should make wise decisions keeping their beloved pupper’s health and happiness in mind.


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