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Influencer marketing vs TV Ads – Which is better

Internet marketing has become a new norm in today’s digital world as it delivers above-expectation results to businesses of all niches and sizes. However, many companies are still involved in TV advertising, which creates confusion about whether TV ads or influencer marketing are better in today’s digital era.

Undoubtedly, TV advertising has its distinct importance for brand promotion. However, influencer marketing is still an effective and practical way to Promote Your Business product with desired outcomes.

Existence in the Market: Firstly, TV advertising has been in the industry for decades. It means the Ads on television came into existence after the invention of TV. It makes it a conventional marketing practice still in use. It recently came into existence when it comes to influencer marketing as the boom of social media has grown exponentially. It makes it a modern marketing practice for businesses.

Upcoming Growth: The growth matters, and hence most are essential to consider which has a growth in the coming era. TV usage has declined as more audiences have migrated to online platforms. This makes TV ads less effective. On the other hand, influencer marketing is entirely social media dependent. Influencers like Emilie Haney are available to promote content across various channels. This makes influencer marketing booming and demanding options.

Other Associated Benefits: If you plan to invest in TV ads, your ultimate motto will be brand awareness or a new product launch. Unfortunately, you can’t boost your sales count with TV Ads. However, influencer marketing has all the benefits offered with TV ads alongside a high sales count. Influencer marketing also benefits SEO, which makes it a plus if you invest in digital marketing strategies for organic business growth.

ROI Tracking: Until you cannot track your efforts and investment, it’s tough to evaluate the ROI of your marketing strategy. In the case of TV Ads, it’s impossible to track the ROI as there aren’t any metrics to evaluate how your efforts and investment delivered you back. On the other hand, influencer marketing has specific metrics used to track your Marketing Performance. In influencer marketing, URL tracking can also be used to check how many sales your campaign generated.

Budget Required: Budget is a crucial aspect of marketing. In TV Ads, you need to pay a one-time payment for the ads, which primarily varies based on the TRP of the channel. However, in the case of influencer marketing, price varies based on followers count. Working with celebrity influencers will cost you a considerable amount, whereas micro-influencers will fit your budget.

It depends upon what’s your budget and your expectations from the influencers. Businesses with decent budget mostly prefer micro influencers to get assured results with high ROI.

So, this gives you a clear picture of the difference between TV ads and influencer marketing. The ideal selection between these two advertising platforms depends upon your goal and expectations. Regardless of where you are investing, it’s essential to acknowledge the marketing modes and choose the best option for your business/upcoming product.

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