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How Long Does it Take for the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillows To Dry Completely? 


You’ve invested in an Everlasting Comfort bath pillow to support your head, neck, and shoulders while you enjoy an indulgent soak. These bath pillows are specifically made for the tub and are safe to submerge. They engineered a unique mesh cover to allow for maximum water and airflow through the pillow. Finally, you can relax in the bath without developing a crick in your neck from leaning against the hard porcelain exterior of your tub.

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How to Use Your New Bath Pillow

Before you fill the tub, attach the Everlasting Comfort bath pillow to the side with the suction cups to prevent it from sliding around while you enjoy the soothing effects of the warm water. Once you fill the tub, water will easily flow through the breathable cover. Unlike other bath pillows, Everlasting Comfort’s unique design allows the pillow to maintain its shape without becoming too waterlogged. The pillow will conform to your head and body, allowing your body to relax completely in the bath. Adding this bath pillow to your routine is like a much-needed deep and long exhale.

When you’ve finished your bath and drained the tub, it’s time to dry out the bath pillow. Everlasting Comfort made this more accessible by including a built-in drying hook. This hook is conveniently sewn into the back of the breathable mesh cover so you can quickly dry out your bath pillow after each soak session.

Let it Dry Completely Between Uses

In order for your Everlasting Comfort bath pillow to retain peak freshness, you will need to allow it time to dry out completely after every use. If you skip this crucial step, your bath pillow could develop mildew or mold. These fungal growths flourish in moist environments – yuck! Be sure to remove your pillow from the tub, so it doesn’t sit in water all night.

To prevent your pillow from developing unwanted mold and mildew, after you drain the bath, take a few moments to rinse the cover under cool water to rid the mesh cover of any soap that may have accumulated. Then, give it a gentle squeeze to release any excess moisture the pillow may have absorbed.

While you can lay the Everlasting Comfort bath pillow flat to dry, they recommend using the built-in drying hook for faster results. Simply hang on a towel rack or off your shower head so your bath drain can collect any drips.

Be Aware of Humidity Levels

How long it will take for the Everlasting Comfort bath pillow to dry out completely depends on how humid your bathroom environment is. Most people find their pillow will dry thoroughly overnight, but it may take a couple of days in some areas.

If your bathroom does not have strong air circulation, you can dry your Everlasting Comfort bath pillow outside. Be aware that direct sunlight can damage the color and shape of the breathable mesh cover. Find a shady area to hang your pillow to dry. Fresh air can help improve the smell if your pillow has started to develop an off odor.

If where you live is humid, taking the pillow outside may still not be enough for it to dry quickly and thoroughly. Use a fan in your bathroom to increase airflow. You could also consider investing in a dehumidifier, which would help lower the moisture level in your home. A dehumidifier would help your bath pillow dry out faster and improve the quality of your bathroom linens.

Speed Up Dry Time

Sometimes you can’t wait overnight to allow your pillow to dry. If you are in a rush to dry out your pillow because you want to pack it for a trip, you can use a hair dryer on low heat to speed up the process. Hold the hair dryer a few inches from the pillow to prevent the heat from damaging the mesh cover. If the outside starts to get hot to the touch, switch to the cool setting or let it cool completely before continuing to dry your pillow.

Alternatively, you could place it in a dryer on the lowest heat setting. Make sure to use a laundry bag so the suction cups don’t stick to the side, as this could melt the plastic. Check it every five minutes to avoid damaging your pillow.

Overnight is Best

When you aren’t in a rush, Everlasting Comfort does recommend hanging your pillow to dry to prolong its lifespan. In some areas, your bath pillow may dry out faster, but leaving it to hang overnight will ensure your pillow won’t retain any moisture.

After your pillow has dried completely, Everlasting Comfort recommends storing it in a plastic bag in a cool dry place.

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