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How Does a Bong Work?

If you weren’t involved in certain subcultures in college, your teenage life or the like, you may only be familiar with bongs due to roommates who were or through popular media. You recognize the basic shape of one when you see it, but unless you have used one, you may not entirely understand what they are and may think they are exclusively for use with certain dry herbs. Your suppositions are incorrect, but that isn’t your fault.

What you may not know is that a bong is a healthier way to smoke a lot of things, and I’m going to explain why. But first, you need to understand how these things work. As you saw, a bong is a roughly bottle -shaped thing more or less, with a large aperture at the top, as well as a diagonally-protruding chamber with a bowl on the end. Some also have a smaller hole near the top which a finger is held over intermittently to regulate the pull of air.

At the bottom of this bottle shape, water is added. The diagonal chamber attached to the bowl rests with the other end submerged at the bottom. When a user inhales, the smoke is pulled from the lit bowl and through this water, thus making the stereotypical and iconic bubbling, gurgling sound that these devices make. This water has profound effects on smoke as you will find out momentarily.

Now, let’s talk about smoke. If you didn’t pay attention to your high school science classes, and most of us didn’t let’s be honest, smoke is comprised of ash, the inflammable oils contained within whatever is burning and various toxic compounds. This ash is why smoke is so irritating, and it is a big part of why tobacco smoke is bad for you along with those carcinogenic compounds.

Combine this with the fact that water is the closest thing to a universal filter we have in nature, the water scrubbing away the ash and the carcinogenic compounds to a very large though not 100% extent. This makes the smoke from tobacco or any other herb you burn far less unhealthy for your body, reducing the irritation as well as risks of things like cancer and respiratory issues.

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Now, let’s add another factor as far as how the water changes the smoke. It also moistens it, further reducing the irritating nature of it as well as cooling it down significantly. Along with this, it reduces secondhand smoke and further offsets what little bit of the toxic and irritating elements are present in itself. You can also add things to the water such as ice, extracts or even spirits to add even an intoxicating or simply flavorful and cooler sensation to the smoke. I have seen this done with smoke from various dry herbs along with tobacco.

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Now, it is important to note that bongs are not going to be allowed to be used anywhere than any other kind of smoking is prohibited, and a bong does not 100% eliminate odors, secondhand smoke, ambient ash and the environment nor the harmful effects of smoke to a 100% degree. For more information visit this site: f95zone