Factors that affect the value of a used car!

Most car buyers today opt to trade in their old car instead of selling it separately when purchasing a new one. Trends for trade-ins are gaining popularity due to the increase in average incomes as well as the fact that trade-ins are seen as a less complicated option. What if I told you that selling your car to a trusted car buyer can actually earn you more cash? Yes! When you sell your car in Dubai to a trusted and professional car buyer, you can get instant cash on the same day.

Before that, you should know what all factors would influence the car value-

Odometer Reading

Although a car has a fitness certificate that is valid for 15 years, if it has not been driven at all, the car is still relatively immobile, so an idle car is actually worth more in relation to its proximity to its fitness expiry date.

In addition, you should also know that while petrol engines are rated good for 2 lakh kilometres, well-maintained diesel engines actually last twice as long as petrol engines. Not only that since you pay more for the diesel, but it should also return more value at the time of resale.

Condition of the vehicle

When you sell any car in Dubai, you should know that condition is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a car. It is considered fair, good or excellent to rate the condition of a car. When you buy a car with a visually appealing exterior, expect good value. A car with fewer modifications on the exterior will command a better price. The car’s history also reveals how it’s been driven and maintained. Another factor that adds value is a clean engine bay and interior. This would certainly catch the eye of an evaluator/buyer.

Model & make of the vehicle

In general, it is known that some brands are better for resale than others. However, you should also realize that only the right kinds of buyers can offer good value for cars they respect otherwise, neither for sales nor for the brand they belong to, so this makes them riskier to buy as a first car.

Manufacturing year

Regardless of its odometer reading, an aged car according to the standards set by the country’s automotive authority will be unfit to be driven on the road. In this case, a car that has only been used sparingly and has around 2-3 years to go is almost ready to be scrapped.

As long as the government does not provide measures that make it possible for it to access each car’s physical condition and issue the appropriate certificates, cars that appear old on paper will continue to be scrapped regardless of their actual condition. This is one of the most important factors that influence the valuation price.

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