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Dubai in the United Arab Emirates – Travel Tips


Today, we will talk about our holidays to Dubai! The land of the Sheiks is amazing and will leave you speechless!! Come and follow this incredible journey through the Arabians!!

When to go to Dubai (weather)?

Dubai is famous for its high temperatures and no tourist wants to suffer from the discomfort caused by them. So, winter is the best period for visits, which corresponds to the months of December to March. The pluviometric index is very low, it does not reach 30 mm of rain in the wettest month.

How do I get to Dubai?

It is recommended to use Etihad services, but the flight is bound for Abu Dhabi. In this case, you can start your trip there and then drive to Dubai, in an average journey of 2 hours. What I always recommend is checking the best option for your particular case, whether it’s the price or the fastest route.

To leave Dubai airport (which is huge by the way) and get to Dubai Downtown, it will take you about 30 minutes. I recommend that you rent a car, as this will give you a lot of mobility to tour the city. But if that is not your wish, it is possible to use taxi or uber. Visit here online best thaibettingnews.com website.

The Basics for Dubai


The official currency is the Dirham. The symbol used worldwide for this currency is the AED. For your trip, I recommend that you bring dollars or euros.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Dubai is high, possibly because they produce almost nothing there. The only cheap things we found were automobiles and gasoline.


The strict law and religion adopted in the country make Dubai an extremely safe place. There are police everywhere. We did not experience or see any dangerous situations during our visit.

Entry visa and mandatory vaccinations

For Americans, the visa is currently granted in the same way as in European countries, when we go through immigration on arrival. Our process was super fast and uncomplicated. The UAE does not make any requirement to present vaccinations, but we do not travel without our yellow fever and COVID-19 vaccine vouchers. In any case, stay tuned for a possible change in this rule. However, in light of the pandemic, both Abu Dhabi and Dubai have COVID-19-related entry requirements.


The religion of the UAE is Islam. However, the country is considered open and tolerant of other religions. However, it is worth remembering that we must always respect local customs, avoiding inappropriate clothing and physical contact between men and women in public. To access religious environments, men must wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt (not necessarily long-sleeved), while for women they must be completely covered, with a long dress or long skirt, the blouse must be long-sleeved, the torso must not must have a cleavage and the head must be covered by a scarf.

I hope my article was useful. Have a great holiday!


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