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Checking Out the Most Beautiful Cities in British Columbia


British Columbia is a province with cities as gorgeous as its landscape. The largest cities tend to be all along the southwestern section of the province but no two cities here are quite alike. Given that around half the population lives in the Greater Vancouver Area, the remaining cities are not as large as many North Americans might expect by today’s standards. 

While some sit on the smaller side, each city throughout British Columbia is surrounded by spectacular sights and even more spectacular people. Most are well connected to one another, by road or by plane, so there’s not much stress involved in seeing the magic each one has to offer. 


Depending on the season, things might feel a little on the slower side here or might be as busy and packed as the other cities you know and love. For those unaware, Whistler is home to world-class skiing and sights to match. During the winter, that’s when it’s at its busiest but also when it’s the most beautiful. Historically, things have been quieter in the warmer months but that is changing as mountain biking becomes more popular and makes the city a place to be during all seasons.

When not on the mountains, via skis or bike tires, the city itself is a wonderful place for visitors to soak up the views of the slopes as well as a quiet downtown with plenty of offerings for shopping, dining, and sightseeing. 


Not only is Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in British Columbia but it’s also more than fair to say it’s one of the most beautiful in the world. Nestled along the Pacific Ocean and with the Rockies almost always in sight, those who only love nature as a backdrop will have plenty to love about what they see outside their windows. Of course, nature lovers will love experiencing those sights more directly.

The city’s beauty isn’t only in its nature. In fact, it bleeds into nearly every aspect of what encompasses Vancouver. From what there is to see at cultural spots such as the Vancouver Art Gallery to the architecture throughout the city, beauty is the string that connects it all together as evident by even seeing the various Vancouver homes for sale, all showing the city unique personality and beauty in their own ways.


While it’s not always what’s guessed, Victoria is actually the capital of British Columbia but that’s not the only surprise in store. It’s a city as beautiful as its rich history is rich. It being slightly more remote than other cities does make the city feel slightly more on the slower side, but all that does is make it that little bit easier to take in. Historical buildings greet the waterfront giving Victoria the perfect blend of natural and architectural perfection.

The city enjoys a more temperate climate than expected and also has less rain than cities like Vancouver making it all the easier to take in the sights for those only passing by. It’s also home to mild winters allowing all the more time to spend outside and engrossing yourself in both the historical and natural sights.  


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