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Cheap Places to Travel in 2022 That Are Beautiful


Continuing a gradual recovery in 2021, greater opportunities to travel are projected in 2022, as vaccination rates rise internationally, and many restrictions are being lifted – or are expected to lift soon. To save money and have the time of your life, discover the best cheap places to travel in 2022, which will leave both you and your wallet ecstatic. And with plenty of affordable vacation packages being offered by Indus Travels, a global tour company that offers exceptional experiences to over 80 breathtaking destinations around the globe, take the opportunity to double up on your savings! Let’s discover the best cheap places to travel to in 2022 that are exceptionally beautiful.

Cheap Places to Travel to in 2022:

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s various natural charms, between tropical rainforests, volcanoes, and beaches, make it an economical and enjoyable place to visit. This is the perfect place for taking part in outdoor activities, as the land is filled with so much natural beauty you won’t feel the need to spend all your money at expensive restaurants or hefty indoor activities. But we shouldn’t forget to mention the cuisine is delicious. Costa Rica has swiftly become Central America’s most preferred budget tourist spot, thanks to its abundance of activities and incredible prices.

It is very easy to travel to Costa Rica on a limited budget! This exotic and beautiful Central American country is among the most incredible attractions in the region. While it is usual to head on luxury holidays, all-inclusive retreats, and pricey getaways in Costa Rica, you may still choose to visit this incredible country on a low budget. You may choose between affordable vacation packages to Costa Rica anytime.

Since Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination, there are many westernized eateries catering to visitors. They sell international fares such as burgers and pizza, but at higher prices. Rather than going to these sites, consider eating in some of the local restaurants serving Costa Rican cuisine. You will get a more authentic experience while also saving lots of money.

2. Estonia

Not only is Estonia an inexpensive place to visit (especially when you compare it to many other European countries), but the country’s accessibility to renowned capitals, reduced rates for hotels, delicious cuisine, and magnificent natural surroundings make this one of the best cheap places to travel in 2022. The national parks, centers, and reserves are beautiful beyond belief, the towns are traditional and tiny so you can easily explore many of them by foot, and the small distances between destinations make cycling a cost-effective activity and an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

3. Portugal

Portugal is a wonderful vacation destination filled with breathtaking beaches, dramatic coastlines, lively towns, and fantastic weather. With tasty dishes, delicious drinks, and low costs, this is a terrific and underappreciated vacation destination – and not to mention one of the best cheap places to travel to in 2022. Not to mention this is an incredible destination to uncover famous sites, visit a renowned pilgrimage destination, and see some of the largest ocean waves in the world. Generally, you will find lodging in this country to be fairly reasonable – especially when you book an affordable tour package to Portugal.

4. Thailand

Thailand is one of the most affordable vacation destinations in Asia and boasts some of the most beautiful sites you will see in the southeast. There are plenty of exciting and enjoyable activities to take part in that will add to the allure of the destination and draw in visitors from all around the globe, between big-city bars and entertainment, traditional restaurants serving Thai cuisine, gorgeous beaches, breathtaking islands, and so much more. The food is exceptional and the local restaurants serving Thai dishes will keep your tastebuds satisfied for days – all for very reasonable prices, along with rates for hotels, accommodations, and transportation.

5. Morocco

Morocco is a diversified country in North Africa, with traditions ranging from Arab to Berber to French. Along the Atlantic coastline, you will discover seaside resorts like Essaouira, Casablanca, and Tangier, as well as dynamic cultural centers like Marrakesh and Fes and arid landscapes in the Sahara Desert. This is a destination where you will have everlasting experiences and be able to develop a better knowledge of other cultures and lifestyles.

If you want to save money while you are in Morocco, dine like a native. You can’t go wrong with Moroccan cuisine and Moroccan street food as they are incredibly delicious. While public transportation is wonderful for navigating Morocco, you will definitely find yourself wandering all across cities. Cars are prohibited on several of the tiny, winding, and packed streets and lanes. You can take a taxi if you want to go a bit further out of the cities and aren’t on a company tour. Large cabs can accommodate up to six passengers, all for good prices. This is one of the most beautiful cheap countries to visit in 2022.

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Would you like to discover more about any of these destinations? Indus Travels’ friendly and knowledgeable experts would be pleased to help with any questions you may have and give you wonderful suggestions for your upcoming dream vacation, with over 80 fascinating countries to select from. You can inquire about their risk-free Safe Travels Assurance Policy or their inexpensive travel insurance options anytime.

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