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Car Rental 101: What You Need to Know Before Hitting the Road

With the economy facing increasing pressure, owning and running a car is simply not affordable for many people. Hiring a car simply for when you need it is one way of making the most of personal transport without committing to long-term costs, but it is vital to know what to expect before you decide on rental. Here are some key pieces of information you ought to know before you hire a car.

Make Sure you are Allowed to Drive the Car you Need

It may seem obvious, but renters must stick to both company guidelines and national law when hiring a vehicle. Generally, you must be over the age of 23 and have held a clean driving license for at least a year. You must also ensure you only hire types of cars you are legally registered to drive, so if you only drive automatic, you may only hire an automatic car, and you will face a fine plus potential additional charges if you skip over this instruction. Many rental companies will also ask for a secondary driver, often someone over 25, to act as insurance, so make sure you have someone on hand to support you in your application.

Do You Know Your Car Class Types?

The difference between an economy and a compact class car can significantly impact your rental experience, especially if you’re travelling in a group or with luggage. Make sure you browse the full range of cars available to you so you can match with a car that suits your specific needs. This will prevent you from overspending on a car that is far too large for your intended purpose, or struggling to manage with a car that is too small for you.

Shop for Specifics

You might be able to find special promotional offers at certain companies, so it is worth looking around to find a wallet-friendly option. You can often tailor your ride to suit your budget, and by dropping optional things like sat-nav and air conditioning, you can usually save yourself a few pennies. Instead of paying the company to fill the tank for you before you set off, remember it can often be more cost-effective to add fuel yourself as you travel. Little choices like these can add up to make the whole experience a whole lot less draining on your wallet.

Be Informed

A full damage assessment needs to be made by you and a representative before you drive away. This way you won’t get charged for anything that isn’t your fault. You also must thoroughly read and retain your hire specifications. This includes guidelines for the vehicle’s usage, including mileage limitations, return fuel, and insurance information. You will need these throughout your rental, and will help you stay in check of how you are performing as a renter. By remaining responsible, you are leaving less to chance.

As you can see, there’s plenty to consider before you decide to hire a car. What is most important is that you stay informed of the specifications in your agreement before and during your rental, as nobody likes to be hit by surprise fees! For rental packages made easy, check out https://www.fairview-hire.co.uk/. There are options available for every need and a full support service for anyone with further queries concerning their first rental. Happy Motoring!