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Can Switching to Vapes Allow Me to Live Healthier Without Giving up Nicotine?

We will start with a little spoiler that yes, switching to vapes can indeed let you live healthier without having to actually quit “smoking”. Before we get into why smoke is actually bad for you and the big difference between it in vape, before you start searching for a vape shop with Google searches like vape shops near me, let’s talk a little bit about nicotine itself.

Generally-speaking, nicotine tends to be vilified as the chemical that is actually bad for you. It’s understandable, nicotine is listed as a significant toxin, but what people don’t often tell you is that it’s only particularly toxic in extreme concentrations. In the ancient days, before modern pesticides, native Americans and later many farmers around the world used tobacco to produce insecticides, by boiling down the nicotine into a thick syrup and mixing it with water. In concentrations like this, it is extremely toxic in the, but these levels of concentration aren’t remotely approached by vape or even cigarettes/pipes/cigars or any other nicotine product intended for human consumption.

Here’s the problem, it is, on top of being addictive, not healthy for people with cardiac problems or those whose bodies haven’t finished growing at. Hence, it is bad for the frail and the very young, one of the many reasons why minors are denied use of nicotine products in the first place.

The truth of the matter is that the thing that actually causes all of the illness from best smoking vaporizer is the mix of ash and carcinogenic compounds that largely comprise smoke. The truth is, inhaling any kind of smoke is actually bad for you including incense, woodsmoke, food smoke or really anything else. Tobacco smoke is exceptionally toxic, however.

Now, let’s look at what vape actually does. First of all, it doesn’t burn anyhow, there is no actual smoke involved. What you inhale and exhale is nothing more than a glycerin compound, a safer form of nicotine similar to what is used in quitting products and some sort of artificial flavoring. None of these are actually at all harmful to the human body, unless the user has an allergy to either vegetable oil or propylene glycol, the 2 glycerin compounds used. Otherwise, it is completely harmless in that regard, and it doesn’t even produce any kind of secondhand smoke. Why is it band wherever smoking is banned? It doesn’t really need to be, more likely than not this is just to be fair to the smokers that either haven’t or can’t switch to vapes.

So, this vape juices heated and vaporized by a coil electronically, with no combustion. This eliminates any dangers from lit cigarettes, it eliminates pollution, eliminates odors and eliminates any kind of ash residue or tar residue an environment. So yes, when you shop for vape shops near me, know that you are taking a step in the right, healthier direction without the pain of giving up your nicotine addiction. Shosha is the best vape shop for all of your needs.