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Cable TV Trends to Watch for in 2022

As we are beginning to approach the end of 2022, major developments are being made in the world of technology. The decade-old rivals are set to embark on a new journey where the competition is going to get tougher. Sony has unveiled the new PlayStation 5 and Microsoft is coming up with the new Xbox Series X. Samsung has already launched the new Galaxy Series and Apple has launched a new generation of iPhones to compete in the smartphone industry. These trends will continue to set the standards of modern-day technology. The TV industry is coping with this technological warfare every day and coming up with a new generation of TVs.

Similarly, cable TV is evolving with the present challenges posed by streaming services. The consumer base is open to new experiences and if cable TV cannot keep them entertained, they will move on to some other avenues. Amidst these challenges, here are the top cable TV trends to look forward to in 2022: The Charter Spectrum cable app, make your TV mobile.

Customization and more customization

Cable TV providers are now evolving according to consumer trends. Back in the day, they used to weigh all customers the same. However, in reality, different households have different requirements. Therefore, you cannot expect them to watch the same channels. Some households just get cable TV for watching their favorite games in the NBA, NFL, or other sporting leagues. While others want to watch the news, some cable shows, and get access to all the local channels in the year. To address this issue, cable TV providers are providing more customization options to the customers. They only get to pay for the channels they want by skipping all the extra channels. For example, Xfinity offers a customized plan. There are three different channel lineups. If you need the most basic plan with all the popular channels, get the Select plan. If you want all the premium channels along with all the other channels on cable TV, get Xfinity plans as it offer great deals and promotions so do not miss the opportunity to sign-up!

Better on-demand service

More and more people are switching to streaming services because of their convenience. You can watch any show or movie at any time. There are no ads in between the movie and you can enjoy the movie seamlessly. Cable TV on the other hand is a bit more inconvenient to watch. However, cable TV providers now offer on-demand service as well for free. The service includes thousands of movies, TV shows, and documentaries to watch whenever you like. Just like streaming services, on-demand offers a great deal of convenience and entertainment. You can plan your movie nights using this feature.

Better DVR functionality

We all live busy lives. It is difficult to keep track of time on weekdays. Therefore, you might miss the shows on cable TV. Streaming platforms offer convenience and you can watch the shows anytime you like. However, cable TV is solving this issue with its advanced DVR functionality. The DVR has many hours of storage and you can record as many shows at a time. Many providers are also switching to cloud-based DVR services. You can record one, three, or six shows simultaneously. There are minimum charges for the DVR service and you can get a DVR box at almost the same price as the regular box.


The biggest trend every provider is following these days is portability. Providers are looking to make it more and more portable. For example, if you do not want to sit in your living room to watch a game, you can watch it on your smartphone anywhere in the house. Cable TV lets you stream Live TV on your smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and tablets. You just need high-speed internet that can support this streaming. The video quality is HD and everything works just fine.

Final Verdict

This year is about to end and we have seen many great things on cable TV. The next will bring new possibilities in the TV industry. New trends will shape the world. Nevertheless, cable TV will still stay relevant.