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Are There Statistically More Casino Wins When There Is a Full Moon in the Sky?

Many people associate the full moon with bad luck. A gambling study at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, shows the full moon might be the best time for a gambler to get lucky. The study notes that at that time, the percentage of payouts at casinos increased. 

Scientists say that full moons occur when the sun, Earth, and moon perfectly align, which makes the moon look bigger and brighter. At this time, the moon is closest to the Earth, and its magnetic effect on the Earth is at its strongest. For the gambler, that is the best time to stake higher because it could be their luckiest time. 

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Payout percentages increase by 2% during a full moon

The study done by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, was conducted from 1991 to 1994. It targeted consistent gamblers regardless of the gambling games which they loved to play often. The researchers also studied patterns in casino payout percentages during that period. They reported that during a full moon, payout percentages at casinos increased by 2%. The report, co-written by Dean Radin, revealed that there were five major jackpots won during the time of the study. 

Dean noted that the possibility of winning a jackpot by chance is 1:22 million. It matters when a gambler decides to choose a casino, but some gambling strategies are universal, including trying luck during the full moon. The researchers collected data daily, including the total amount gambled during the day and winning or loss outcomes. Specifically, the researchers focused on slots, craps, keno, blackjack, and roulette. 

The superstition that will not end anytime soon

The study by UNLV was done at the Continental in Las Vegas. When asked about gamblers and superstitions, Bernice Jaeger, General Manager at the hotel, said gamblers always have a wide range of superstitions. The main reason why people are superstitious is because they are motivated to achieve something beyond natural means. In casinos, superstitions drive gamblers to bet in certain ways or patterns. 

One of the superstitions is that gambling during a full moon increases luck. The purpose of the UNLV study was to find out if gambling and the lunar cycle were related. The researchers also compared historical gambling data during full moons. 

The report confirmed that deep-rooted superstition had scientific truth in it. In the report, Radin says the 2% difference is huge and could lead to a lot of extra money if a gambler hits the jackpot or wins big money. Radin is a director at UNLV’s Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies, which facilitated the success of the study.