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Almosafer Cheap Flight Booking To Unlock The Top Stunning Islands In Bahrain 


Bahrain is a small country in Western Asia but it comprises the top stunning islands. Bahrain is an archipelago of massive natural and artificial islands which comprise 83% area of the country. It is also known as the island landscape country.

People around the World get their flight bookings to Bahrain to explore and enjoy the wonderful and luxurious island places. No place is worth delight than the natural islands which present a mesmerising and fresh view of nature away from the messy life. However, if you want to visit Bahrain, make your flight booking now and visit the stunning and luxurious natural and artificial islands full of peace and freshness.

Amwaj Islands, Hawar island, Dar island, Nabih Sahel island, and Jarada island are some of the top and most visited islands in Bahrain. Travellers love to see nature and delight in the tempting cuisines out there.

Bahrain is a wonderful country to explore with friends and family on the vacations. Whenever they get some time, they rush to get their Almosafer flight booking to Bahrain to avoid missing the tremendous chance of exploring Bahrain. If you are looking for amazing natural places to explore, visit Bahrain. 

Get A Flight Booking To Explore The Stunning Islands In Bahrain 

Almosafer is the Middle East’s renowned travel brand which provides comfortable, convenient, and cheap flight booking anywhere. It also presents hotel booking services, car rentals, and airport transfers. However, Bahrain is the most recommended country to visit if you are looking for some natural and fresh places to explore. Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 artificial and 50 natural islands which are facilitated for its travellers and highly luxurious. The natural and pure views of the islands present mesmerising and enthralling scenes to relax your mind and freshen up. However, here we have listed the top-visited islands in Bahrain. 

1. Amwaj Island 

It is a stunning artificial island in Bahrain which is renowned for its luxurious resorts, glamorous beaches, and pure and crystal-clear water to enjoy. It is located in the Northeast region of Bahrain, near the coast of Muharraq. However, travellers around the World love to visit this beautiful island to enjoy the mesmerising nature. However, it is a place where there are many sports activities taking place so people who love water sports and beaches prefer to visit this island. Moreover, there are a lot of amenities such as shops, restaurants, and cafes which capture the travellers’ attention toward this glamorous island.

Lagoon park and Floating city are the two top most visited and renowned locations on this island to visit. So, get your flight bookings from Almosafer to make the journey to Bahrain exhilarating!

2. Hawar Island 

Hawar island is a beautiful island which is located on the coast of Bahrain, near the Qatar border. It is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife on the island such as dolphins, dugongs, and many other species.

Travellers around the globe love to visit this island which is also the nature lover’s paradise. If you want to see the pure, relaxing, and soothing atmosphere free from the puzzling life, get your cheapest flight booking from Almosafer to explore this stunning island which is one of the most visited locations in Bahrain.

Visitors enjoy a diverse variety of activities here such as water sports, fishing, bird watching, snorkelling, and diving with the diverse marine life such as colourful fish, turtles, and dolphins. However, visitors can also enjoy boat tours of the entire island to explore it peacefully. Moreover, the luxurious resorts and restaurants in Bahrain are the most attractive locations for visitors.

Get your cheap flight booking from Almosafer to enjoy the crystal clear water and stunning and tranquil nature of this wondrous Hawar island. 

3. Dar Island

Dar island is the other most visited island in Bahrain which is located near the coast of Sitra. It is one of the perfect, soothing, and tranquil places to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The crystal-clear waters, peaceful atmosphere, and glamorous beaches add to the delight of this island which captures the visitors’ attraction. The beaches here are surrounded by aesthetic palm trees which give stunning and dazzling views of the beach. Moreover, visitors enjoy water sports, snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing, and relish the most delicious and tempting cuisines of fresh seafood. 

Dar island is a great and soothing destination to spend some tranquil and wondrous time with friends, family, or alone. In addition to massive amenities, it also presents a beautiful playground for children to enjoy their playtime in their play area.

However, it is the perfect location to enjoy the crystal-clear beaches while eating the delicious and most enticing food made of fresh seafood which is rich in nutrients and good for health. However, if you seek a tranquil location to visit with your family, get a convenient, comfortable, and highly reasonable flight booking from Almosafer to Bahrain to explore this glamorous Dar island and relish fresh and nutritious seafood. 


Bahrain is a wondrous, stunning, and island country to visit despite being a small country in the Western Asia. The beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water, tranquil and soothing atmosphere and the most delicious fresh seafood cuisines attract visitors. However, the glamorous and luxurious islands in Bahrain are the perfect locations to explore and relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The luxurious restaurants, cafes, and shops on these dazzling islands add to the joy of travellers. They also enjoy water sports, snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing, bird watching, and diving with marine life. It presents a great opportunity to explore the underwater life of marine species closely and peacefully.

Get your flight booking from Almosafer now to explore the most visited islands in Bahrain. 


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