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All You Need to Know About Rodent Birth Control Method


You may ask: How fast do rats reproduce? The answer is very frequently, making them the most common pests in every household and business. Wherever there is food, rodents thrive, which is why restaurants are the type of business that are battling these critters the most. 

Imagine this: Around 4 to 5 days, female rats go into heat, and they might go into heat again 48 hours after giving birth. There are between 21 and 23 days of gestation. Rat females typically have litters of five to twelve young, depending on the species.

With that said, rat control experts have decided to create a solution that won’t hurt the rodents but will effectively slow down their reproduction to manage their population within a residence or community. Thus the rat birth control method was discovered. 

The Elements of Rodent Control

In addition to being an annoyance, rats and mice can harm properties and spread disease. If you notice shredded paper or fabric close to a source of food, or rat feces, you’ll know they’ve arrived. If rodents are found, there are numerous procedures you can take to ensure their eradication for good.

Using poison or traps to get rid of rats won’t prevent them from returning to your house in the future. You must block access by closing all potential entry points if you want to permanently keep rats and mice away from your house or place of business. By storing food in firmly sealed containers and fixing broken pipes, you may reduce rodent temptations like food and water.

Typical Water and Food Sources that Attract Rodents

Food products in open-top containers, including bags of chips, cereals, biscuits, grains, and other non-perishables like flour.

Food and water for pets that aren’t kept in safe containers and are left outside overnight or in a bag.

Open dishes of fruit or veggies left outside the fridge.

Leaking faucets or pipelines all around the house.

Open compost and garbage cans.

Typical Access Points for Rodents

Openings next to closets, cupboards, or crawl space access doors.

Holes around the piping of a sink or equipment.

For older buildings, cracked basement walls or unscreened ventilation apertures in the attic.

Holes surrounding doors or windows

Removed screens in vents or underground crawlspaces.

How does Rat Birth Control Work?

As with all female mammals, female rats are born with a specific number of eggs. In order to eliminate the underdeveloped ovarian follicles that contain eggs in female rats, ContraPest uses a substance called 4-vinylcyclohexene diepoxide, or VCD.

VCD speeds up the natural cycle of ovarian follicle degeneration, which happens gradually in all female mammals. Male rats with VCD will produce fewer sperm, although the impairment is reversible.

The drugs are metabolized and dissolved by the rats and then eliminated through their urine and feces. After about 12 to 18 minutes, the drugs lose their effectiveness. The active components also degrade more quickly when the metabolized medicine is present in the feces or urine and is exposed to moisture or dirt. No indications of behavioral modifications have been made, and the hazard of secondary exposure has been greatly diminished.

How Often Should You Give Rats Birth Control?

Contrapest is over 90% effective in controlling pregnancy among rodents, and the effectiveness lasts up to 100 days. Therefore, the product should be continuously used and refilled once a month so rodents will continue to consume it.

The product is manufactured in a liquid form so that rats can easily consume it to meet their water demands. It is also packed with fat, and is sweetened to improve the flavor in addition to the active chemical components. 

To ensure that you won’t forget to refill your rodent birth control, hire a professional to help you install and maintain your rat birth control so that you won’t have to worry about the product running out.

Is The Chemical Used Safe?

Some individuals might be curious about the potential consequences of unintentional human consumption. The company has engineered the bait station such that only rodents can enter and that humans, and kids in particular, are unable to get the liquid. 

Pets such as dogs and cats cannot enter the bait station either. The liquid offers little risk to humans and other animals like pets because it won’t have the same impact on them as it does on rats. However, you must continue to keep pets and children far from the bait stations.

The Formula Provides A Substitute for Toxins

According to a spokeswoman for the Environmental Protection Agency, the utilization of toxic rodenticides has led to instances of accidental and secondary poisoning of pets and wildlife. He claimed that since 2008, the EPA has mandated that rodenticides be placed in a tamper-proof bait station to avoid other animals or kids from consuming or contacting the poison. 

Contrarily, the spokesman said that ContraPest is neither harmful nor expected to have an impact on predatory animals or wild animals that consume rodents, as rats have a high metabolism that will swiftly rid their bodies of the substance’s active elements.

ContraPest is dispensed onto compact feeding pans and is marketed for use inside a gray bait station container. Rodents can obtain the feeding tray with the liquid inside the container by climbing stairs that have a narrow aperture only big enough for them to fit through. This keeps bigger creatures from consuming the food. 

Fit For Veganism

Some people who wish to preserve desirable species do so for ethical management reasons as well as for the sake of all living things. The founder of Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, Kimberly Meagher, favors rodent fertility control since it is compassionate. She said that they respect all creatures, not just particular ones, because we are animal rescuers. 

So, for all individuals, whether vegan or not, who condone inhumane ways of managing pests like poisoning or trapping rodents, rodent birth control is the solution suitable for you.

Start Using Rat Birth Control to Manage Your Rodent Infestation Problems

It’s evident that rodent birth control is an effective and safe way to control rodents within your property or community. It offers a humane way to manage rats without worrying about the safety of your kids, pets, and even wild animals.

If you are following the standards of veganism, rodent birth control is the best option for you as it doesn’t trap or hurt rodents. Additionally, the effect of the chemical birth control is not permanent and is reversible. 


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