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All About English Grammar

If you want your child to develop a grasp of English, then the simple way to do this is by improving their grammatical knowledge. Having a strong basic foundation of grammar helps children to excel in the subject. Now since there are plenty of topics in grammar, it often becomes a tough job for parents to decide which grammar topics they should start with.

Parents and teachers should go for the primary and basic chapter of types of sentences. Through this chapter, students will have a basic idea about different types of sentences. Whether it is an assertive sentence or an interrogative sentence, or an exclamatory sentence, students will be able to identify the types of sentences easily. Once they have developed the basic knowledge about types of sentences, the next topic will be Parts of Speech.

The first and foremost topic that’s included in the parts of speech is the noun or naming word. It is essential that students are taught what nouns are and the different types of nouns based on the number, gender and type. Nouns are five major divisions depending on their type i.e. Common Noun, Proper Noun, Collective Noun, Abstract Noun, Material Noun. Nouns can be divided into two types depending upon the gender of the noun i.e. Masculine, Feminine, Commo and Neuter Gender. Nouns can also be classified into two types i.e. Singular and Plural depending on the number. There are plenty of noun worksheets available on our BYJU’S website. The second topic that students can learn about is the verb. Knowing about verbs will help students to identify the doing or action words. Once the basics about verbs are clear to students, parents/teachers can teach students about the types of verbs too.

The third topic that teachers or parents can teach the students is the Adjectives or the describing words. It is through this chapter that students will learn about various describing words for nouns or different noun phrases. Teachers can also teach students about the different types of Adjectives as it will help them to identify the various types of adjectives. Once done, teachers can move on to the chapter on adverbs and the various types of adverbs. These are some of the basic grammatical concepts that are essential for students to know while they are still in primary school.

Apart from the above-mentioned topics, teachers can also teach students about prepositions, conjunctions, pronouns and interjections. The BYJU’S has various worksheets related to the parts of speech that students can download and practise for free. BYJU’S has designed these worksheets keeping in mind the fact that students of various classes are going to practise them.

It is important for teachers as well as parents to ensure that children have their basic understanding of these grammatical topics crystal clear. Only then can children have a proper grasp over English grammar. It is because of Grammar that most students lose a plenty of marks in examinations.