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9 Types of Men’s Shorts Along With Their Functional Purposes


In these modern times, shorts have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry. There are many styles of shorts available for men. Nowadays, dining in mens shorts paired with a shirt or t-shirt is the new norm. From cargo shorts to denim shorts, there is a wide variety of shorts for men, and new styles keep hitting the market.

1 Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are very comfortable, as they have been designed for trekking or hiking. They are made of soft cotton or khaki material with several pockets on the sides and back. The multiple pockets have the advantage of keeping several types of trekking equipment, such as a compass. Cargo shorts are versatile yet durable and can be worn with a shirt or t-shirt. As they are made from a breathable material, cargo shorts have easy airflow.

2 Denim Shorts

Denim shorts have a snug yet very comfortable fit because of the layering around the thighs. As they are made of cotton, they are breathable. They come in both tight and loose fits. These shorts are as popular as they were in the late 90s. Denim shorts give an overall smart look and are highly durable.

3 Plaid Shorts

Plaid shorts come in a wide variety of patterns as well as colours. They have a cool yet comfortable look and fit. They are perfect to be worn for outdoor events. Plaid shorts are made of cotton, which makes them airy and more comfortable to walk or run in.

4 Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are made from a lightweight and soft material and do not restrict movement. They are highly durable and are available in various colours and sizes. These shorts fall below the knee, which makes them a great choice to be worn at beaches. Bermuda shorts are breathable and highly absorbent.

5 Linen Shorts

Linen shorts are the most popular shorts to buy among men. Not only is linen lightweight, but it is also a breathable fabric and lightweight. Linen shorts have a soft feel and allow easy airflow.

6 Pleated Shorts

Pleated shorts, as the name suggests, have several pleats, which give them a classy vintage look. They are very soft and do not restrict movement during walking or running. Because of their overall elegant look, these shorts can also be worn at fancy events.

7 Running Shorts

Running shorts, as their name suggests, are ideal for not only running but for several other sports activities as well. These shorts are incredibly comfortable and made of a soft fabric. They fall below the knee and have an overall loose fit.

8 Tennis Shorts

Tennis shorts fall above the knees and allow maximum movement without discomfort or restriction. Not only are they made of soft fabric, but they are also breathable. Tennis shorts have easy airflow.

9 Swim Shorts

Swim shorts, as the name suggests, are specially made for swimmers. They are short in length and allow easy movement with no restrictions. The fabric from which swim shorts are made has hydrodynamic properties that prevent any hindrance to various movements during swimming.

In modern times, wearing mens shorts has become a daily norm and is no longer worn just in the comfort of our homes. Shorts can adapt to any body structure and give an overall smart yet comfortable look. Shorts are versatile and can be paired with any shirt or t-shirt. Keep exploring, as new styles of shorts keep getting trendy every day.


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