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7 Signs Your Water Filter Needs Servicing


The water filter is one of the most valuable and life-saving appliances one should have in their home. Like any other machine, it needs regular care and proper maintenance. Without proper maintenance, the water purifier is bound to stop working. A professional water purifier service near me in Allahabad will ensure the appropriate upkeep of the water purifier.

7 Reasons Why Water Filter Is Malfunctioning

1. Purifier Stopped Working

Check the power switch if there is no water flow from the water purifier tap. Even if there is no water flow with the power switch on, check the electric supply. If both conditions are okay and the water purifier is not working, then the SMPS (power supply adapter) may have faults.

Call the servicing expert in such cases.

2. “On” Indicator Is Functional

Check if the main valve works and if water flows from the water purifier. If the water supply valve is not on, turn it on. After turning it on, check if the machine is working. If the valve is open and the water purifier is not working, the fault could be the water pressure.

Check the water pressure. See if the water flow is optimum. Most water purifiers do not work If they do not correctly work. There are many causes why the water flow gets restricted:

  1. Filter membranes got choked with sediments. They need cleaning.
  2. There is some internal malfunction that requires expert servicing

3. The Feeder Valve Got Shut Off

The water filter does not have a separate inlet in the home. The channel it uses has a connection to the main kitchen water supply. The feeder diverts the water to the water purifier.

Check out the feeder valve if the water inlet is not working correctly. Suppose it might get turned off. Turn it on to resume the water flow. It will work again. The water purifier should have its source feeder.

4. Water Leakage

Water leakage is one of the problems that a water purifier often faces. If you see a pool of water near the water purifier, it is an indication of leakage. The leakage may be due to the connector pipes having a loose connection. Ensure that the pipe fittings are in place to avoid any water leakage.

Call the RO service in Allahabad to find out the cause of the leakage. Leaving the leakages unattended and untreated will lead to a lot of problems. The water purifier can malfunction. The expert professional will not only identify the root of the leakage but also remedy it.

5. Malfunction Of Pressure Pump

All RO water purifiers have an in-built pressure pump. It makes a whirring noise when one switches on the water purifier. In case there is no noise, the pump has malfunctioned. It would need replacement.

If the pressure falls below the threshold, the machine will turn off. A short circuit will also cause the machine to shut off. Get a provider to replace the low-pressure switch. Keep the inlet water pressure within the specified limits.

6. Foul Odour And Unpleasant Taste

The water purifier inherently has no such foul odour or bad taste. The most common cause of the foul smell and unpleasant taste is Chlorine. It is Chlorine that causes the water to smell bad. Also, the smell can persist if one does not change the water membrane on time.

Change the water filter every 12 months. Replace the filters on time and clean the storage tank as well.  Avoid purified water if one has not used it for more than two days.

7. Noise From The Water Purifiers

The water filter pump can make noise and vibrations. Some pumps tend to get noisy over time. It is a part of the process. Since the parts of the pump work fast, they can make minimal noise. The high pressure of the water is essential to clean it and therefore makes noise.

However, the continued friction can take a toll on the condition of the water purifier parts. If the water pump housing is not secured tightly, it can also make noise. Loose wire and faulty pipes are two common causes of vibrations in the water purifier. Keep the length of the connecting pipes to its minimum length.

Change the water filter membrane on time to avoid sediment build-up. Contaminants build up and can clog the membrane rendering it dysfunctional. Therefore, changing the membrane is essential.


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