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5 Workplace Applications That Increase Productivity and Work Management


The use of applications at workplaces is often considered as something that increases distraction. However, there is also a brighter side of applications in an office environment. From increasing productivity to getting jobs done, the following office applications are must-have for employees.

Social media applications are especially considered as elements of distraction and are accused of decreasing employees’ productivity.While this may be true to some extent, there are still someApplications out there that can help increase productivity and getting job done.

One of the most important factors in big and even small offices is management and uninterrupted workflow. To achieve discipline in an organization, the upper management of a company works on many in-house projects and software that would help the team to stay organized and managed. However, sometimes these in-house projects bring up difficulties rather than work management. Therefore, working with already created and tested applications makes it easier to manage workflow without creating any additional difficulties.

So, let us introduce you to some of the best office usage applications out there:


One of the best applications out there for visual task management, Trello, creates a visual workplace that everyone needs. Not only does the application helps in creating visual workflow, it also helps in the managing projects by acting as a tracking and to-do list tool.

Trello helps an organization create a platform for employees where they can directly upload documents into the task and work with collaborators.

What makes Trello better than other workplace apps is its intuitive interface. The simple and easy creation of the application makes it effortless for others to follow in a few minutes.

With Trello, you can keep everything organized and managed without putting in much effort.


Nothing bugs an office workflow more than miscommunication and a slow internet connection. However, there is good news for those who work in Lexington asWindstream internetoffers high internet speed that aids the seamless workflow. As for communication, organizations work keenly with platforms where teams have an interrupted communication system with managers and subordinates alike. For this, 15Five serves as one of the best office applications that can bring office staff at one easily accessible platform.

With 15Five, managers, subordinates and the teams can communicate easily. Managers can also set up monthly and weekly check-ins with employees. The application also has features that let workers question and earn more clarity about the projects from their supervisors.

Applications like these help in boosting employees’ productivity and give managers an easy way to pinpoint areas where the staff needs to work better.


There are two types of organizations:one is highly formal companies where people only talk on emails while the other is a highly informal company where even the most confidential information is shared on text messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

Slack is a middle ground between these two extremes. Slack is an office application that makes it easier for employees and managers and other staff members to communicate.Slack is quicker than emails and much more organized and formal than text messaging.

You can also share documents, file, create a checklist and add collaborators to your task to achieve increase productivity together.The good thing about Slack is that you can totally customize the application as per your needs.

When I work

Yep, that is the name of one of the most easy to use workplace applications. When I work is a device native app, which means that it comes with all smartphone integration so that you can make it a crucial part of your operations.

The application helps in managing projects and operations the team is working on. From scheduling and changing operational work via notification or text to managing details and locations, the app is super easy to handle.

The application is best for managers who are looking for an easy method to shrug the extra workload of notifying employees about constant changes. With When I work, managers can approve and change shifts of employees, answer their questions and alsohelp them manage a virtual time clock.


As the name depicts, WunderList is a to-do list application that serves more than just listing the task. The award-winning application helps employees in creating their tasks and completing them by inserting short descriptions, pictures and more. Employees can also tag collaborators in their tasks.

Wunderlist helps improve productivity as it takes care of work by keeping track of employees’ running tasks. It also keeps a sharp eye on those tasks that are not on high priority and could be missed by employees working on other important projects.

Boost your employees’ productivity

Amidst several running projects and uncountable small tasks, it gets super complex for employees to maximize their productivity. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the best workplace apps that help employees in managing and completing their tasks on time. These apps not only help in organizing a workplace, but also helpin creating a seamless communication platform with managers, subordinates and other collaborators.


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