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4 PDF Tools And Extensions You Need To Know About

These days, an increased population of the active workforce is involved in work from remote areas rather than the conventional methods of attending a physical office. This is mostly seen as a result of the increase in the overall workforce by several folds.

Thanks to the increased interest shown by technological enthusiasts and software designers, there are several tools and extensions that can help you with improving your work efficiency and quality while working from remote conditions. Here are a few examples of such tools which you need to add to your everyday toolkit.

PDF to Word converters

This is basically an online setup that allows users to convert a previously existing PDF file into a Word document or to any other authentic and popular format with just a single click in a very short period of time, almost instantly. This is of great help to individuals who deal with PDFs on a regular basis because the process of converting PDF to Word documents manually can be a very hectic and taxing process.

By doing all this on its own, this tool helps the users save a significant amount of their working time, allowing them to focus on other important aspects involved.

Spelling checks

Though this might seem like a childish thing, errors in spelling are pretty common with documents, provided that they are being typed at a rather fast pace. Most of the time, a significant amount of time is spent on proofreading the articles and correcting any errors and mistakes.

By using an extension that checks your spellings simultaneously as the document is being created, you can make appropriate corrections at that instant, saving you the additional chore of spell-checks.

Collaborative tools

Most of the file formats and platforms currently in use provide in-built features that allow multiple users to work on a single project simultaneously. This is especially helpful in team projects, as it allows several users to view and make changes to a single file. By doing this, any possible disputes and misunderstandings are avoided, ensuring smooth functioning and better efficiency.

Literary tools

Most of the spelling correctors also double up as grammar and literary aids. They have several useful features which you can modify according to your personal needs depending upon the nature of your work.

Apart from just making the corrections in your articles and projects, these tools also provide suggestions and assistance with better sentence formation and add a more sophisticated touch to your work. They can also be used effectively to edit PDF files, thereby decreasing the overall time spent on file processing.


With the growth in both the work sector and technological sector, several new tools are being developed to assist the users in several aspects of file creation and documentation. With PDFs being the most popular format, many new tools are being developed regularly. Hence make sure to check out timely updates regarding the same and make use of tools that can help you in your specific aspect of work.

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