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4 Main Social Media Mistakes  and How  to Avoid Them

There isn’t a discussion about whether social media is a powerful way to achieve business goals. There aren’t second opinions here, and for that, well-established companies and small businesses as well trying to build a strong presence there. But as they are trying to reach brand awareness and also increase their reach, they are making some mistakes along the way. 

How to avoid these four social media mistakes

While as a business owner or marketer, you will think that some mistakes aren’t a big deal, in reality, for your online audience, they can be vital. Therefore, you should try to be careful not to damage your reputation as a company. Here we will go through four social media mistakes and will suggest versions of how to avoid them.

1. Not prioritizing your social marketing plan

Excited to start diving into social media, most companies underestimate having a content marketing plan. Your every social media post or story should serve a specific goal and should have in mind beforehand and included in your plan.  

Ignoring creating this plan can damage your social marketing plan. To avoid this, you build a plan that will lead your social media plan strategically. It includes what goals you have, like promoting your real estate chatbot or other tools. 

And find what amount of time you want to accomplish these. Check what kind of resources you need to fully concentrate on your social media management.

2. Not giving your followers  value

Social media users choose to use certain platforms for different reasons. But it can be annoying for them when businesses’ accounts are too promotional, and they try to sell them on a daily basis.

While you should definitely use social media channels for advertising your products, but also must keep the balance. Depending on your target audience’s preferences, you should entertain or educate them. Giving valuable content will grow your audience and also lead to success. 

 3. Not differentiating your social media content

There are two main factors that you should concentrate on during this process. First and foremost, you should understand your audience’s online behavior. This includes what channels they are using the most. 

Depending on what your goals are, different social media sites may be more appropriate for you to utilize than others. Check out the infographic below to compare and contrast different social media sites based on your needs!

Infographic created by Clover, a retail POS system company

If they are active on both TikTok and Facebook, you should have a content strategy for both these platforms. It’s important to remember that every platform it’s unique requirements, and you should plan your content according to that. For example, TikTok users love short and engaging content, so you should focus on creating one, but for Facebook users, it can be preferable to longer videos and written content too.

To overcome these challenges, you should build a great social media presence.  If your company gives license to become a delivery driver, share success stories on your social media.

4. Not keeping your presence consistent

One of the main factors that can help you win your social media game it’s being consistent. But many social media marketers fail to achieve these for a different reason. And what is important is to remember that consistency is not about posting content regularly but keeping your voice consistent too. 

To avoid these factors, schedule social media posts regularly and understand how many times your should post in the weak for each platform.

And having the same voice across all channels and types of content, you can prepare a guideline. 


Social media can significantly shift your business management and help your company to grow if only you know how to navigate there perfectly. We spoke about avoiding common and main mistakes that social media marketers tend to make for different reasons. But we didn’t stop there and give you tips on how to fix those mistakes and take your social media marketing to the highest level.